About Us

Ifi (pronounced “E-Fay”, Culture in Zulu) Heritage Center Inc. is a 501(c)3 certified tax-
exempt charitable organization striving to preserve authentic community and cultural history. We
are inspiring people to celebrate their heritage and culture through diverse performing arts,
cultural exhibits, educational programs and community outreach initiatives. Our passion
highlights the significance of cultural preservation and community inclusion, being an impactful
and contributing organization to the town of Wimauma and the Tampa Bay area.


Ifi Heritage Center will uplift the under-served and under-represented while empowering the residents of
Wimauma and the surrounding communities through authentic history, performing arts, cultural exhibits, education, and community outreach initiatives.

Building Rendering Dsided


Our vision is to preserve and celebrate the rich, authentic cultural history of Wimauma and the wider Tampa Bay area for future generations. The Center will serve the community and embrace its cultural diversity with a Performing Arts Theater, Exhibit Gallery, and Research Library. The aim is to develop a superior yet comfortable entertainment destination for live music of various genres, plays, and other performing arts. The Center will display cultural and thought-provoking creations from students, local and non-local artists in its gallery. The Heritage Centers library will be a space for scholarly research, providing a vibrant atmosphere for cultural exchange and community engagement.

Meet the team

Behind every initiative, program, and event, there’s a team of passionate individuals dedicated to making a difference. Get to know the faces and stories of the people who drive our mission forward